Heli-Skiing for the luxury thrill seeker

Canadian Mountain Holidays was the first company in North America to offer heli-skiing. Back in 1965, six years after the birth of the company, Hans Gmoser, the Austrian immigrant owner, thought it would be neat to fly skiers up into the Bugaboo Mountains via helicopter. The idea really took off, and soon after, they were offering heli-hiking, as well.

This winter, CMH is offering a little something special for you luxury thrill seekers. March 13-20, 2010 CMH will be taking two of America’s best pro-cyclists and some lucky folks like you on a heli-skiing trip in western Canada’s Adamants. Bob Roll and Ron Kiefel (right) will be joining guests and alpine guides in the CMH Adamants lodge for a week of family-style meals and other camaraderie-building activities like soaks in the hot tub and spa treatments.

Bob Roll is looking forward to the challenge; heli skiing in “some of the most remote, deepest powder on earth.” “There’s no one else I’d rather take that plunge with!” he said in a statement about CMH.

Space for this exclusive itinerary is very limited, and the price is approximately $10,100 per person (based on double occupancy). If that’s too steep for you — or you have a conflict — but you’d still like to try heli-skiing, visit Candian Mountain Holidays to check out their other packages, starting from $975/day (all-inclusive), or as Jamie Rhein’s recommended back in 2007, try Heli Canada Adventures for cheaper options.