Rolling luggage / portable scooter guarantees you’ll hurt yourself at the airport

How many times have you walked from gate B2 to B78 wondering whether there could possibly be a quicker way to make your connecting flight? Well, the folks at German company Micro Mobility obviously had that same question – because they invented the Trolley Scooter. The scooter combines one of those lightweight folding scooters with a piece of Samsonite luggage.

End result is a bag that can be pulled through the airport and turn into a personal mobility scooter. Sadly, it isn’t powered (other than human power), but with enough momentum, you may be able to plow down a couple of fellow passengers on your way to the gate.

The bag itself looks rather small, but in the photo, they do show a laptop, shoes and some clothes, so it may be just right for a quick overnight trip.

What do you think? Sheer brilliance or sheer stupidity awaiting a personal injury lawsuit?


(Crunchgear via Gizmodo)