Virgin Galactic signs Spandau Ballet to perform in space

With last week’s unveiling of SpaceShipTwo (Check out exclusive video here!), Virgin Galactic is set to begin testing their two stage system for delivering space tourists into sub-orbit beginning in 2012. With that minor detail out of the way, the company is now free to turn its attention to something more important, namely inflight entertainment. Reportedly, Sir Richard Branson, the flamboyant adventurer and CEO of Virgin Galactic, has hired British rockers Spandau Ballet to become the first band to play in space.

The 80’s rock band racked up 10 Top Ten singles and 4 Top Ten records in the U.K. and achieved International success with their song “True” as well. Despite that success however, the five members of the band parted ways in the early 90’s only to reform earlier this year, and launch a new tour. According to the Daily Mail, they’ll play one of their bigger hits while floating high above the Earth, with songs such as “I’ll Fly For You”, “Gold”, or the afore mentioned “True” being the most likely tunes.

Which ever song they choose, they won’t have long to perform it. At the apex of the flight, the SpaceShipTwo will achieve approximately five minutes of zero gravity. They’ll also have to perform for an audience of just one, as the ship holds only six passengers in addition to the two pilots. Perhaps Branson will tag along for a personal concert.

For those not familiar with Spandau Ballet, check out the video below. It’s chock full of 80’s goodness.