Online tool helps check for hotel bed bug reports

WARNING: reading this article may screw up your sleep tonight.

Bed bugs are a huge problem for hotels. Obviously, not as big a problem as someone who actually ends up with bites all over their body after a night in a hotel bed, but still something they need to take seriously.

Sadly, some hotels have years of history of bed bugs, and until now, there was no real way to find the worst offenders. The online “bed bug registry” can help you track down properties you want to avoid.

By entering the city, and hotel name, you get an overview of all reports from people who have actually stayed at that property, and who ended up with bites from these bugs.

As I mentioned in the opening sentence – I really don’t recommend reading this before bed time, or if you are actually at hotel right now, because the last thing you want, is to read that you are at a property with a bad history of bugs.

New York and Las Vegas tend to pop up on the report quite a bit – though not many of these reports are from the high end properties.

In addition to infestation reports, the site also offers bed bug related products, and tips on how to get rid of them. Sadly, in many cases, arriving back home with a suitcase full of infested clothes means you’ll either need to boil them, or throw them all away, because the last thing you want is to bring them back to your own bed.