TSA Security update: No inflight entertainment, books OK

Security changes are coming fast and furious after Friday’s attempted terrorist attack on a Detroit-bound Delta flight. While the passengers and crew were able to successfully subdue the would-be troublemaker, the fact that someone was able to ignite such a device has caused a wealth of backlash — from security officials and passengers alike.

Immediate changes restricted passengers’ access to overhead bins and carry-on items during the last hour of inbound, international flight. No electronics or lap items were to be allowed, including reading material. As Twitter user @antderosa suggested, “New TSA regulation requires passengers must hold breath for the final hour of flight while humming ‘kumbaya'”

Our inside source in the industry now tells us that books and reading material may be allowed (with the exception of e-readers) but that inflight entertainment cannot be used. That’s the seatback and projected video that pumps out movies, games and most relevantly, the location of the aircraft. Apparently that location is what the TSA wants to protect.

With the most recent security update, passengers may furthermore not keep anything on their laps, including jackets — but it’s okay to wear them.

What these new initiatives prove is that we’re still in a fragile, fluid situation following Friday’s events. While many of these changes seem reactionary and perhaps absurd, there’s little that we can do about it right now. Just make sure to get to the airport early if you’re flying overseas in the near future.