Sanity prevails: TSA pulls back on some updated security measures

This morning brings another update to the blitzkrieg of TSA security updates — thankfully for the better. You might recall that changes enforced over the weekend required passengers on inbound, international flights to be in their seats with nothing in their laps, one hour prior to landing. No electronics, books or even jackets. All because of the failed terrorist attempt late last week on an inbound flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.

Further mandates required that the inflight entertainment be shut off for the entire flight and that no announcements be made regarding the position or landing of the aircraft.

As many pointed out, however, it’s easy to figure out when an airplane is starting to land, and some worried that the new changes might be a knee-jerk reaction to the threat.

Perhaps as a result, the TSA issued a new revision to their rules this morning. Our inside source in the industry now reports that inflight entertainment has been restored as well as the ability to move about the cabin inside of an hour to landing. Other security measures including enhanced screening at the checkpoint are still in place, so those on domestic flights may still experience some of the shock waves.

We’ll keep you informed as the situation develops.