Government harassing blogger for source of TSA directive “leak”

And now it is official – the stupidity of the TSA knows no limits. In the midst of the confusion regarding the Northwest Airlines terror attempt, blogs all tried their best to report on the latest news. They pretty much had to, because the TSA (or any other government agency) had nothing to say.

Thankfully, (from occasional Gadling blogger Christopher Elliott) was on top of things, and managed to produce one of the TSA directives that finally revealed what everyone was reporting as “rumors”.

When Chris posted the actual TSA directives, he was the first one to do so. Incidentally, Air Canada had already posted part of the new directives (and was the only airline to do so).

Apparently, the TSA is more interested in catching leaks within its own organization than it is trying to actually stop terrorists, because Chris was visited by a special agent this evening, with a subpoena demanding to know who leaked this information to him.

Yes – you read that correctly. The agency that was part of the total meltdown of intelligence, and has wasted billions on trying to keep our skies safe, is harassing a blogger to find out who is leaking the information they should have provided the traveling public.

I wish Chris lots of luck, and hope the TSA comes to its senses and leaves him the hell alone. Perhaps they can then waste some more time trying to harass old ladies and babies at the checkpoint instead.

Update: Blogger Steven Frischling received a similar visit, minutes after Elliott. Apparently, the government even took his computer. This is really going too far.