Do you recline your seat on a flight?

As you’re probably aware, some people think reclining a seat on a flight is a pretty much a crime, while others think it’s a blessing. Therefore, yesterday, we asked our Twitter followers a burning question:

Immediately, our wonderful (and vocal) followers burst forth with their thoughts, which ranged from absolute insistence to meek denial. Overnight, we let Gadling’s servers and mega-computers crunch the data, and now, we’re here to report our findings.In fact, it appears most people do, indeed, recline their seats on a flight. That’s probably not surprising, given how cramped many flights are … and the fact that the airplane seats come equipped with that functionality.

Forty-two percent of respondents said they recline their seats during a flight. The remaining responses were evenly split (twenty-nine percent each) between solidly refusing to recline and by admitting they may recline, but whether they would recline depended on a variety of factors.

Let’s take a look at some of the responses.

Some people admitted (almost gleefully!) that they shoved their seats way back (though almost all admitted that meal time was not the time to recline).

Remind me not to sit behind these folks any time soon.

Others copped to reclining, but did so somewhat sheepishly.

Some folks claimed never to recline at all (and offered up tips on how to make it through long haul flights).

Thanks for the freebie, JohnFromJersey.

While others said they never reclined … except for in certain extenuating circumstances.

SarahMenkedick, that happens to me a lot, too.

Others felt The Seat Recline is a necessary thing to do — almost obligatory.

Not exactly sure how LauraBly considers that “self defense,” but she’s one of our favorite people, so we’ll let that pass.

Our favorite response, however, was from a Recliner Decliner, who almost certainly refuses to wear Members Only jackets any more, too.

And what do Gadling bloggers do?

If you’ve ever met Mike, you know he’s not making this up. Thanks to everyone who responded.

So which group do you fall into? Do you recline your seat on a flight?


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