Good news to end the year with: TSA withdraws subpoena of “leak blogger”

What better way to end the old year, than with a piece of good news? Apparently taken by surprise from the immense fallout of their insane actions, the TSA has withdrawn its subpoena of travel blogger Christopher Elliott. No word (yet) whether they did the same with Steven Frishling.

Update: Frishling is also cleared.

For those that haven’t been following Twitter and the mainstream media – both Elliott and Frishling published a “leaked” TSA directive telling airlines how to deal with security after the failed bomb attempt on Northwest Airlines.

The TSA was hell-bent on finding the source of the leak, but did so by sending federal agents to private residences at 8pm, and even by seizing a laptop computer (and subsequently damaging it).

So, all’s well that ends well? I hope the TSA realizes how things like this can seriously backfire. The agency needs to remember that finding terrorists is just part of their job – the other part is informing the traveling public. Sadly, they really need to take a refresher course on how PR works, and how quickly actions can (and will) backfire on them.

Kudos to Chris for the way he handled this nasty event, I’ve been very impressed at the huge amount of support for him from the travel writers world. Especially since he found himself in a situation we can all end up in. Now, go enjoy your Champagne and lets all toast to a fantastic 2010!