The next victim in the war on terrorism — the duty free store?

Not content with merely harassing passengers at the security checkpoint, German police and pilot unions are calling for a ban on the sale of all flammable products at airport stores.

The ban would include most perfumes and beverages with a high alcohol content. The ban would even extend to disposable razors and metal cutlery at airport restaurants. Of course, a ban like this would most likely be the end of airport duty free stores, who depend on alcohol sales to pay the bills.

A spokesman for the police union had this to say: “The security interests of citizens need to have priority over economic interests”.

Sadly, when we start going down this slope, anything and everything that could potentially be used to start a fire should be banned. Say goodbye to toilet paper, plastic luggage and many sun tan lotions. The concept of naked passengers suddenly seems less insane.

The demand to cease selling these products reminds me of the in-flight entertainment ban that lasted just two days after the Christmas day bomb attempt. Any time there is a (botched) terror attack, people are always quick to point out what they think could be the best way to prevent a repeat.