Tripatini offers social networking for travelers and experts

Tripatini is a new site in the family, a fast growing platform for social networking. Anyone can create a site, but Tripatini is flourishing with an interesting concept — allowing media experts and rookie travelers to get together.

David Paul Appell, a veteran journalist (Conde Nast, Harper Collins, Hearst Magazines, Frommer’s) and social network developer, re-branded as Tripatini in October of last year, saying, “We’re getting fabulous response from both the travel media and trade as well as the general public, but our original name, reflecting a focus on budget travel primarily, was proving too limiting. Today we choose ‘Tripatini’ not just because it sounds more fun — a potent, sophisticated cocktail of travel — but because it more clearly telegraphs ‘travel’ and is more welcoming, inclusive, and versatile.” Not long after that, The New York Post called Tripatini “Facebook for travelers.”

Once you’re all signed up for Tripatini (really easy, especially if you’re already on any other Ning sites), you can make yourself a profile, then join groups. The groups function much like Yahoo Groups and other message boards of yore; there are discussion threads where you can ask a question or post pertinent information for the group. Currently, the leading group on Tripatini is Media Only, which has 371 members (at time of writing) talking about the Chris Elliott scandal, suggesting eco-friendly hotels for one journalist’s story and whinging about freelancer issues ( is taking a beating on that thread). Other groups are location-based, so if you’re planning a trip to, say, Malta, you can join the Malta group to get info or discuss the country with other travelers, PR folks and media experts.

Tripatini also offers to host your own travel-related blog, videos and pics, and has both chat and travel shopping functionalities. If you’re interested, click here to check it out!