Renting a car over the weekend? Get it for $10 a day

Been searching for a car rental deal for your escape away from your iced in snow cave? You’re in luck. Browsing the the halls of our friend Gary Leff’s View from the Wing blog, we recently found an outstanding deal from Alamo Car rental for weekend bookings through February 28th.

All that you need to do us use corporate code 7015238 when you punch in your booking and voila, your rate will drop to $10.

Checking an upcoming trip to Nevada for Trouble in Vegas, we pulled up some pretty boss prices. Arriving Friday night through a Sunday night departure, our car rental is projected to cost $36, with tax, surcharges and fees all included. That’s the equivalent of 7 seconds at a Bellagio blackjack table.

There’s a four day maximum to rentals and a Saturday night stay is required, but both of those criterion should be easy for weekend jetsetters. Just pack light (your car is going to be comically small) and say thanks to Gary on your way out.%Gallery-14657%