Share your travel stories with the world — publish your own book with FastPencil

Until recently, travel writers had just a few options if they wanted to share their stories with the world – you could blog about it, set up an email list, or try and write your own ebook with hopes of selling it on sites like eBay.

Online publishing house FastPencil has entered the scene with a new lineup of services that can turn you from online blogger into book or ebook publisher. With FastPencil, you can write and physically publish a book. The service takes care of every possible step – from writing tips, to the actual printing and distribution process. Best of all, they can help turn your writing hobby into a profit. Prices are very reasonable, and start at just $4.28 for a 100 page book.

Once you have written and designed your book, you can select a price (depending on the profit margin you want), then you sit back and let FastPencil do the rest. Your book can be purchased in the FastPencil Marketplace, or (for a fee), you can have your masterpiece distributed to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and thousands of other retail partners. You can even have FastPencil take care of an requesting an ISBN number for your book.

The obvious advantage of FastPencil is that you don’t need to find a publisher for your work – by publishing your own book, you can make a name for yourself, and with a little bit of luck, you’ll start selling your first book, and make money off it.

Later today we’ll post a contest where you’ll have a chance at winning a free copy of your first book and ebook!