Foods named after places. That’s all.

It’s food day here on Gadling, meaning there’s never been a better day for talking about foods with place names. Grab a Danish and enjoy.

There are many wines named for their locales (all Champagne is), and many cheeses — even Cheddar. Sometimes, though, the food name has little to do with the corresponding place. French fries, for example, are not French food; they are named for the way the potatoes are cut. Hamburgers are not from Hamburg. They have them there, though.

Rather than attempt to rate all place-named foods on their geographical inaccuracies or flavor, I have elected simply to list them. Can you think of more? Add them in the comments below and I’ll pop ’em into the list with your name.

Why? Because the world needs comprehensive lists of things. Obviously.

Foods With Place Names. The List.

Alaskan salad roll (sushi) – Ken Cook
Baked Alaska
Bayonne ham – James Romanow
Bearnaise sauce – Gerhard Postpischil
Beijing duck – Rita Moreno
Belgian waffles
Bombay duck – Nick
Boston baked beans
Boston cream pie
Braunschweiger sausage – Gerhard Postpischil
Brazil nuts
Brie – Nick
Brussels sprouts – Nick
Buffalo wingsCalifornia roll
Canadian bacon
Caprese salad – James
Carrizo sausage – Danny
Catalina dressing – Danny
Cheddar cheese
Chicago deep dish
Chicken Kiev
Chinese dumplings – Gerhard Postpischil
Coney Island dogs
Darjeeling (tea … I guess you could eat it)
Denver omelet
Derbyshire cheese – James
Dijon mustard
Dodger dogs
Dome dogs
Dutch baby
Eggs Florentine
Fenway Frank
French dressing
French fries
French onion soup
French roast – Ken Cook
French toast
French Vanilla – Ken Cook
Fresno chilies
Genovese salami – James Romanow
Georgia peaches – Adrienne Mitra
German chocolate – Ken Cook
Hollandaise sauce
Irish stew – Gerhard Postpischil
Italian ice – Ken Cook
Java – Nick
Jerusalem artichoke
Jordan almonds – Ken Cook
Key lime pie
Lima beans
Limburger cheese – Ken Cook
Lincolnshire cheese – James
Linzer torte – Gerhard Postpischil
London broil
Manhattan clam chowder
Mars bar
Maryland blue crabs – Adrienne Mitra
Milky Way
Mississippi mud pie – Christy
Moon pie – Ken Cook
Monte Cristo
Nanaimo bars – Danny
New England clam chowder
New York cheesecake
New York pizza – Gerhard Postpischil
Nicoise salad – James
Nile perch – Rita Moreno
Parma ham – James Romanow
Pasta Florentine
Philadelphia cream cheese
Philly cheese steak
Prince Albert apple – Danny
Polish sausage
Quiche Lorraine – Danny
Roma tomato
Russian dressing – Ken Cook
Sacher torte – Gerhard Postpischil
Salisbury steak
Sandwich – Danny
Serrano ham – James Romanow
Szegedi goulash – Gerhard Postpischil
Spanish peanuts – Ken Cook
Spanish rice
Swedish meatballs – Ken Cook
Swedish pancakes
Sweet Vidalia onions – Ken Cook
Swiss cheese – Danny
Texas toast
Thousand island dressing
Turkish delight – Ken Cook
Valencia oranges – Danny
Vienna sausage – Gerhard Postpischil
Virginia ham – James Romanow
Waldorf salad
Welsh Rarebit – Nick
Wiener schnitzel – Danny
Worcestershire sauce
Yorkshire pudding