Holiday Inn’s human bed-warming services

Valentine’s Day brings out the romantic in people, and for some people there are no limits to the depths of their romance. Case in point: the fine staff at the Holiday Inn’s London Kensington hotel.

These happy helpers will hop in your bed (for free) for a five-minute “human bed warming” service. Upon request, a willing member of the hotel staff will jump in your bed before you get in and “warm it up”, dressed head-to-foot in an all-in-one sleeper suit, which we assume looks something like a Snuggie with feet.

“Like having a giant hot water bottle in your bed” is how Holiday Inn spokeswoman Jane Bednall described the idea to Sky News.

Of course, it’s been a cold winter in London so we’ll give Holiday Inn props for coming up with a creative way to taking the chill out of the air. However, while medical professionals claim a warm bed helps you fall asleep faster, there is something to be said for you bringing the heat yourself – consider it a romantic start to your Valentine’s Day weekend.