Breaking: Air New Zealand to offer lie-flat seats in transpacific economy cabins

After three years of waiting, the announcement is finally live: Air New Zealand will be reconfiguring their Boeing 777 cabins to incorporate lie flat seats in economy, a revolutionary change to transpacific travel and a godsend to long haul passengers. Traditionally, the comfort of lie-flat seats is only reserved for travelers in business or first class, but with these new configurations, even economy travelers will be able to stretch out for a good night’s sleep.

The novelty comes with a redesign to the way that economy seats mate together. The combination of a smooth interface between each seat, moveable armrests and an extension to the seats effectively makes a sideways bed onto which a few travelers can lie.

Changes to premium economy and business class will also be redesigned for better space utilization.

Our own blogger Kent Wien is on the ground in Auckland as we type, collecting photos, videos and all of the fine details of the new cabin configurations. Stay tuned to Gadling over the course of this evening for real-time updates, videos, pictures and to take part in the the revolution of transpacific travel as we know it.


UPDATE: Check out Kent’s thorough profile and photos of the new seats here!