iPhone case + built in Bluetooth headset = the Gadling review of the MoGo Talk

If you make an iPhone case and want to stand out in the market, you’d better have something pretty amazing to bring to the table. Customers are no longer impressed by funky colors or sparkles. So, when MoGo told me about their newest product, they had my attention right away. The MoGo Talk is an iPhone case, with a built in Bluetooth headset.

MoGo has passed through Gadling in the past, and impressed us with their ultra-thin Bluetooth mouse, capable of being stored inside your laptop. This expertise obviously helped them in designing the thinnest Bluetooth headset I’ve ever seen.

The MoGo talk case snaps around your iPhone, and its matching headset clicks snugly into the back of your phone. When you need the headset, you simply pop it out, unfold its earpiece, and talk away.

The headset is a mere 5mm thick, features Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR (for long range), echo suppression, noise compensation and an easy pairing mode (which, when supported on your phone, allows for instant pairing).

The headset is surprisingly comfortable, and once in your ear, it feels like it’ll stay in place just fine. For the various ears out there, MoGo include several rubber earpieces, so you’ll always get a good fit.

Once on your iPhone, it barely makes the combination any thicker – at least not much thicker than with a normal slim-fit case.

There is one thing I don’t like too much about the MoGo case – it requires its own power supply to charge the headset. When I first read about it, I had expected some kind of magical charging system that charges both your iPhone and the headset, but sadly that is not possible. On the back of the case is a tiny flip-up MicroUSB port, and a MicroUSB to USB cable is included. To charge, you need a USB charger or computer with a USB port.

Still, despite that minor issue, I’m quite impressed with the MoGo Talk. Sound quality on the headset is superb, and its range is more than adequate for a decent quality call without the need to keep your phone right next to you.

Headset always in reach, super compact, superb sound quality
CONS: Pricey solution, requires a separate charger

The MoGo Talk fits on the iPhone 3G and 3GS and retails for $129.00. You’ll find it in the MoGo store where it is in stock and ready to ship.