Man allegedly pretends to be U.S. Marshall, kidnaps woman and has her deported to the Philippines

Sometimes in the course of a day, you come across a story that is just too weird to ignore.

According to local Hemet, CA police, Gregory R. Denny arrived at the doorstep of a local woman, “arrested” her, and drove her to a local border patrol station asking them to take her into custody.

He apparently did all of this while dressed as a U.S. Marshall wearing a law enforcement uniform, badge and a handgun.

When the border patrol post could not verify the existence of a warrant for the woman, he drove her to the San Diego airport, made her buy her own ticket to the Philippines, then bypassed security to be sure she got on the plane telling the security checkpoint staff that he was deporting her.

Denny has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, false imprisonment, impersonation of a peace officer, burglary, and false arrest.

Meanwhile, the poor lady is still in the Philippines and it is unknown whether she really was illegally in the country. He has been booked, and released on a $50,000 bond awaiting a February 16. court date.

As usual, I’m sure the TSA will start a very serious investigation to figure out how a random stranger can pretend to be with the government, and take a hostage through their checkpoint.

(Photo from KCAL CBS 2 Los Angeles)