Send food! – What American snacks cost in the UK

Anyone who’s ever lived abroad for a long period of time knows that one of the “comforts of home” you miss the most is food. When I went to university in Liverpool, I stuffed my suitcase annually with macaroni and cheese, microwaveable popcorn and Twinkies (not because I liked Twinkies, but because they were mentioned on “The Simpsons” and my roommates wanted to know what they were).

In international cities like London, things are a little easier. Specialty stores carry all manner of American goods — in fact, you can even find some at Selfridges. But, in case you thought that meant students and expats don’t need care packages stuffed with their favorite snacks, get a load of the prices. For example: The jars of Jif you see above are £4.75. That’s $7.58 in US dollars (as converted by Google, disclaimer here), which I think we can all agree is some mighty fancy peanut butter! Wait till you see the Lucky Charms.

I snapped all these at Selfridges on January 28, 2010. Send your loved ones a cheap box of their favorite American goodies today.
This trip was paid for by VisitBritain, but the ideas and opinions expressed in the article above are 100% my own.