Skiing + Paragliding = Speed Riding

When it comes to adventure sports, there always seems to be someone looking to push the boundaries in new, and sometimes unusual, directions. Take, for instance, the relatively new sport of speed riding or sky riding, as it’s sometimes called. The sport is a combination of skiing and paragliding that often sends the daredevils that try it, screaming down the side of an impossibly steep mountain at breakneck speeds.

Take this video for example. It’s a great representation of what speed riding is all about, as we watch adventurer Antoine Montant sliding, skipping, and flying (sometimes quite literally) along the face of a near vertical peak. Montant is delivered to the mountain by helicopter, and then gets to the bottom by any means necessary, which is often where the adventure comes in. When you run of slope, you trust in your paraglider to get you down safely.

Hint: Be sure to watch to the end to see Antonie wipe out. It’s not pretty, but don’t panic, he’s okay folks.