Tired of where you live? Buy yourself a new town in Latvia!

Do you ever get bored of your own town? How about packing up all your stuff and moving to your very own town? This could be your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rename a town after yourself!

Of course, the move would involve relocating to Latvia, and you’ll need to bring a decent chunk of cash along with you, but bidding has opened to find a new owner for the former top secret Russian military town of Skrunda-1.

Bids start at 150,000 Lats (about $290,000 USD). The winning bidder will become the owner of the entire town – including 5 million square feet of land, 10 apartment buildings, two nightclubs, a shopping center, a child care center, a sauna, and of course a variety of abandoned military buildings. The radar facilities were sadly destroyed, so anyone thinking of starting their own secret missile base will need to find somewhere else.

The town has been abandoned since 1999, so you’ll need to make a couple of trips to the local equivalent of Home Depot to fix things up.