What’s up with all those wacky Vancouver Olympic mascots?

No Olympics is complete without heavy marketing, and Vancouver will be no exception. Meet the trio of Olympic mascots, which are sure to be emblazoned on everything you can think of. Want a reusable ice pack? Now’s your chance to get one for only $9!

Quatchi, the sasquatch: This sasquatch (also known as Bigfoot) loves hockey, photography, and travel. I want those blue earmuffs.

Sumi, the animal spirit: Sumi has the hat of an orca whale, the wings of a thunderbird, and the furry legs of a black bear. (Aww how cute.) His hobbies? Alpine skiing and flying over the Coast Mountains.

Miga, the sea bear: Sea what? Part killer whale and part Kermode bear, a sea bear is apparently what happens when orca whales transform into bears on land, according to First Nations legend. Miga’s Olympic profile (who doesn’t have a profile these days?) says that her favorite food is wild salmon: salmon jerky, smoked salmon, B.C. sushi roll. Mmm tasty. Her hobbies: surfing, snowboarding, and anything “fun and exciting!”

For other mascot accessories, check out the Olympic Store. How on earth will you decide between Quatchi fuzzy slippers ($25) and a 38-inch-tall plush Quatchi ($350)?

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