Daily Pampering: The Mercedes-Benz AIRCAP

Having a gorgeous convertible is certainly a blessing, but owners know that it’s sometimes a curse. You can’t ride with the top down all the time — it will mess up your hair on the way to work or a party, and if you’re traveling fast, the rushing air gets so loud it’s hard to have a conversation.

I know, I know, these are problems we’d all be lucky to have, especially with a car like the 2011 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet (pictured). I had the pleasure of climbing into this car in the tents at Bryant Park yesterday (it’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week) to check out the new AIRCAP Technology, which actually solves all the problems I mentioned. You could take a road trip in this car with the top down and your hair would never know it.

Look closely at the top photo — the AIRCAP is raised. Just a couple inches of mesh atop the windshield and a correlated panel at the back actually keep the car quiet and your hair unfettered at up to 125 mph. It’s controlled by a button hidden in the center console; totally unobtrusive.

AIRCAP is the first technology of its kind in the industry, but copycats will surely follow soon. I would say that AIRCAP Technology alone makes this the ultimate road trip car — but it doesn’t hurt that the top only takes 20 seconds to raise and can be activated while the car is moving up to 25 mph, the seats can actually cool as well as heat, and see the vents by the neck? That’s Mercedes AIRSCARF; it actually blows warm air on your neck, with the fan speed controlled by the vehicle speed. Saucy car gets fresh with you. The results: sexy.

AIRCAP comes standard on the entire E-Class Cabriolet line, which is expected to be priced in the mid 50s.

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