Newsweek warns of dangerous bunnies and other “baddest breeds”

Remember our list of the Top Ten Most Badass Animals Native to the USA? Well, Newsweek has taken it a step further and produced a photo gallery of the baddest animal breeds in the world.

Number 8 on the list: bunny rabbits. Seriously. The cutie pie you see at right is a European rabbit, whose modus operandi is reportedly to “reproduce in the manner they’ve become famous for and overrun whatever habitat they enter. Native to Spain and Portugal, this hopping plague has trampled much of the world, including Washington state’s San Juan Island and Hawaii. In Australia rabbits are partly blamed for killing off more than 10 percent of the mammal species. They rip up farms, ruin soil, and support lots of other troublesome species, including feral cats and foxes.”

Other animals on Newsweek’s list include wild boars and snakeheads in the US, the Indian mongoose, South American killer bees, Russian zebra mussels, Chinese crabs and more. Page through to find out which critters to watch out for on your next trip.

Who knew bunnies were so fierce?

Answer: Monty Python.