Name Lufthansa’s plane, win first class tickets around the globe

Lufthansa is offering one million miles — enough for two first class trips around the globe — for a clever name for their new LH A380. With the 1960s “Jumbo Jet” nickname for the Boeing 747 in mind, they’re looking for something iconic and catchy. This is an opportunity to make history.

The LH A380, Lufthansa boasts, is “the world’s biggest and most modern passenger jet.” Hmm, big, modern … The Mod Mammoth? (Thanks, thesaurus.)

Only kidding of course; like I’m going to tell you my ideas.

You can get a virtual tour of the LH A380 here to help you get started. Current favorites at the top of Lufthansa’s list include The Rheino, Starflipper and Shadow of the Crane. I know you can do better than that. Get to it.