Seven days on the John Muir Trail captured on video

A few days back we posted a profile of the John Muir Trail, a 211 mile long trek that runs from Yosemite to Mt. Whitney in California. The trail is lauded for its stunning beauty, remoteness, and level of challenge. It’s so good that it even made our list of the world’s best hikes.

But reading about how scenic it is, and actually seeing it are two very different things, which is why this video is so impressive. Shot over the course of seven days by filmmaker Ryan Commons, who managed to thru-hike the entire route in that time, the video does a great job of capturing the elements that make the JMT so alluring. Be warned though, it is more than 40 minutes in length, and you’ll probably want to watch the entire thing.

So, get comfortable, turn up the sound, and sit back and enjoy. When it’s over, you’ll be looking for your hiking boots, and filling up your backpack for your own trek.

WINTER IS COMING – Seven Days on the John Muir Trail from Ryan Commons on Vimeo.