Hotels working on technology that could eliminate front desk check-in

Imagine checking into your hotel room from your WiFi-enabled flight, or even in the cab on your way to the hotel from the airport. According to a story in USA Today’s Hotel Check-in column, that’s the concept some hotels are working on.

Starwood Hotels has been at the forefront of this high-tech endeavor with their Aloft Hotel in Lexington, Mass. You have to be a member of the Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty program to test it out (the program is free to join). You’re then mailed a keycard with RFID capability, and what happens next could eliminate a lot of hassle for rushed guests.

From USA Today:

“On the day you’re set to arrive at the Aloft Lexington hotel, you’ll be sent a text message to your Blackberry, iPhone or other mobile device disclosing your room number at the Aloft. When you arrive at the hotel, you’ll then be able to go straight to your room, using your keycard to unlock the door. The door lock will recognize the RFID card when its nearby, so there’s no need to drop your bags at the door to remove the card from your wallet; instead, you’d be able to simply tap your wallet on the lock.”

We want to know: What do Gadling readers think about this high-tech concept? Would you rather pass by the front desk and head straight to your room, or do you like the personal attention at the check in desk? Let us know your thoughts.