Valentine’s day baby born on plane gets free air travel and an airline name

Really good airline news is pretty rare, so when I read about a baby being born on a plane, and being named after the airline that carried her, I just had to share it.

During the final moments of her Valentine’s day flight, Lourdes Mamani cried out in pain. Even though she was not due for another two weeks, it was obvious that she was in labor. The flight crew were able to track down a doctor and nurse on her flight and her baby was delivered before the plane touched down.

The girl has been named Tami Fabiola, named after TAM, the Bolivian airline she was born on, and FAB, the Bolivian air force (the owners of TAM).

Tami will receive free air travel anywhere in the country till her 21st birthday, and a scholarship at the educational unit of the FAB. To make a good story even better, she’ll be baptized on the plane where she was born, and the chief of the air force will be her godfather.