Daily Pampering: Join Steve Case’s Exclusive Resorts club

Steve Case, Co-Founder and former CEO and Chairman of AOL, is not someone we usually associate with luxury travel. I still hear that “You’ve got mail” soundbyte in my head when I see his name.

Nevertheless, one of the many hats Case currently wears is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Exclusive Resorts, a membership-only collection of extravagant destinations which claims to combine “the best things about staying in vacation homes with the best things about staying in luxury resorts — while eliminating the disadvantages of both.”

How do they accomplish that? Basically, they’ve amassed a book of rental vacation homes with resort access nearby, thus providing elite guests with the kind of space and privacy they crave, the convenience of resort amenities, and none of the hassle of buying a second home. Guests can check the availability of properties around the globe 24-hours per day and jet off to a vacant villa last minute — ideal for the busier affluent set.

The cream of the crop of the Exclusive Resorts properties are their Once in a Lifetime packages for families, couples and adventure-seekers. These include destinations with outstanding features like Machu Picchu in Peru (destination screenshot above).

Membership fees start at $160,000, with an annual fee starting just below $1,000 per day. Ten to sixty-day plans are available. Click here to learn more, and say hi to Steve for me if you see him.

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