Deal or no deal? Luggage Free offers $50 flat-fee shipping service

You know the drill: Pack your suitcase, guess its weight, pay the fees and hope it arrives at your destination. If your weight-guessing talents have failed and you end up paying extra for the additional pounds you packed, Luggage Free has a deal for you: Keep your bag under 50 pounds and you’ll pay only $50 to ship your luggage to your next U.S. destination.

The Luggage Free Economy program promises a three business day, door-to-door delivery for luggage, skis, and golf clubs within the 48 contiguous U.S. states at a flat rate of $50 for bags under 50 pounds. How’s this compare to airlines? Depends on how many bags you’re checking.

Airlines have recently upped their checked bags fees by $5-$25, depending on where you’re traveling. US Airways, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Continental raised their fees earlier this year, causing travelers to rethink what goes in their carry-on. For example, US Airways charges $25 for the first bag checked and $35 for a second bag, but both bags must weigh less than 70 pounds. So how do you save money with Luggage Free? If you have a lot of bags to check, this service might be a better deal since airlines charge $100 to check the third bag.

Here’s how it works: book online and select a pickup or drop-off time prior to your departure. An email confirmation is sent when your luggage arrives at its destination. Luggage Free guarantees all luggage will arrive on time – the same can’t always be said for the airlines. However, with Luggage Free and other shipping providers you have to plan ahead. If you want your luggage to arrive the same day you do, you’ll have to ship it at least three days in advance.

Is it is a deal? Could be, if you have a lot of luggage and you can be without the suitcase for at three days.