Hotel room security defeated by a piece of wire – can be secured with a towel

This video clip is pretty alarming – it shows how easy it is for a stranger to enter your hotel room, using nothing more than a piece of wire. As you can see in the clip, the wire goes under the door, and is used to open the door from the inside. In all my years of staying in hotels, I never realized how simple it could be.

Thankfully, the clip also shows how easy it is to defeat this method – stuff a towel behind the door handle. Of course, now this new entry method has been revealed to the world, I’m going to have to start using the towel protection method every time I’m in a hotel room. At least when you are in your room, you can protect against this kind of entry with the deadbolt and/or door chain, the real danger is when you are not in your room, and nobody is protecting your valuables.

(Via Gizmodo)

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