Photo of the Day (02.27.10)

How far do you drive when you suspect that you’ve made a wrong turn? Do you base it on time or distance? In other words, are you more likely to say, “Hey, let’s just give it 10 more minutes,” or, “I think it’s just another two miles after this sign?” I tend to go by time. If it seems like driving for 20 minutes without seeing my exit is odd, I’ll assume that I must have missed it. I used to do the distance thing, but then I realized that I lack the proper understanding of spacial relations.

I’m reminded of this internal debate when I look at this photo by Flickr user kanelstrand from a road trip in Iceland. I’m a sucker for “road to nowhere” pictures. I’m also wistful for the pre-GPS days. I liked pulling over, unfolding a giant road map on the hood of my car and trying to figure out where the hell I was. Technology may make life easier and safer, but no one ever said that easy and safe were interesting.

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