BootsnAll call for guest writers

BootsnAll wants more content, and that’s where you come in.

You’ve probably heard about AOL’s arm, SEED, which allows you to submit articles to a number of AOL sites (such as Gadling, everyone’s favorite) for consideration. It’s great because some of our readers are just as good at this as we are, and it enables them (you) to get paid to blog with us.

BootsnAll is launching a similar program called the BootsnAll Travel Writer Platform which is targeted specifically at those of you who would like to be professional travel writers. Basically, you can sign up to write about what you love and get paid a “base pay of $100-500/month with profit sharing of 30-40%” — not too shabby!

If you’re interested in becoming a BootsnAll Travel Writer, just send in your application by March 15, 2010. Watch the video above for more info, and visit the website here to apply.