Announcing lebua and Gadling’s winner of a trip to Bangkok!

The last of the votes have been counted, punch cards have been verified and the international monitors have signed off on the tallies, ladies and gentlemen. We have an official winner.

Last month Gadling and lebua had the pleasure of launching the largest contest that we’ve ever hosted on this blog: the chance to win a journey across the Pacific Ocean to spend several nights at Bangkok’s finest hotel. Complete with free dinner, drinks, airport transfer, beautiful views across the capitol of Thailand and memories to last a lifetime, it was the sort of prize that could convince any blogger to rig the ballot box. But ultimately we stuck to our trusty randomizer robot and picked out one lucky name: Barracuda Ron.

Ron, we wish you the best of luck and excitement on your trip to the other side of the planet. Having visited lebua ourselves not 6 months ago we can testify that you’re staying at a gorgeous hotel with top notch food selections, service and amenities. Congratulations and send us some pictures from the road!

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