JetBlue handing out free airline tickets in NYC

This is one of those right-place-right-time situations, but if you’re in the place (New York City) and you’ve got the time, you could get a free ticket to fly JetBlue. Here’s the deal, straight from the JetBlue blog:

“If you happen to be in NYC in the right place at the right time today (and equipped with the right information) you may be able to get FREE JetBlue tickets! As part of our ongoing 10th Anniversary celebrations, we’re handing out lots of FREE tickets (take a guess how many… you may be surprised when you find out) today in different areas in Manhattan.”

Follow JetBlue on Twitter for details on what, where, and when, and you could walk away with free airline tickets. Why the scavenger hunt? What’s a birthday party without party games?

We suggest showing up with cupcake and a candle to help score your party favor.