Bermuda resort gives the lazy an extra month to book

Sometimes, procrastinating doesn’t come with any consequences. It doesn’t happen often. We’re taught from a young age that early birds get to kill and chomp on the best worms, not to put off to tomorrow the stuff we can do today (even if we don’t feel like it) and to seize the day. If you don’t, then opportunity may disappear before you get a taste. Well, Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa is rewarding the lazy next month: the resort is extending its “fourth night free” deal for travelers booking at least a four-night stay by April 26, 2010. But, you have to travel stay by April 30, 2010.

In addition to scoring your fourth night free, you’ll pick up complimentary breakfast and afternoon tea every day. To participate in this steal you’ll need to use promotional code CBBDA4.