U.K. theme park offers roller coaster tickets that include health insurance

Alton Towers Resort is billing the new thrill ride Thirteen as the world’s first “psychoaster.” And for some, this ticket to ride could include medical attention.

The theme park has spent more than $22 million on the roller coaster, which is being billed as a combination of the “ultimate elements of physical and psychological fear.” So much fear, in fact, that apparently some riders will need to see a doctor when it’s over.

At least that’s what Alton Towers officials want you to believe, so that you’ll pony up an extra $1.50 per ticket for health insurance before riding through the theme park’s Dark Forest area and over an alleged “unearthed ancient burial site.”

The Sunday Mercury reports that the health insurance gets you treatment for physical and psychological trauma, should you need it after riding Thirteen. The treatment will be administered by a staff doctor, conveniently stationed right at the roller coaster.

That’s all well and good, but who’s going to come hold my hand when I have nightmares next week or next month? Exactly how much “scary” is still fun?

For me, the fun ends when I’m told that I might need medical attention at the end of a ride, but maybe I’m in the minority here.

Thirteen opens March 20.