A photo tour of Russia’s aging wooden churches

Ever seen an unknown sight on a postcard and had a sudden urge to visit? Professional photographer Richard Davies knows the feeling well. Davies, who specializes in architectural photography, discovered a postcard series of unique fairy-tale style wooden churches located in Northern Russia and decided he simply had to visit. The result is Wooden Churches, a series of beautiful photographs of these forgotten landmarks.

The wooden church architecture of Russia is unlike anything on earth. Largely built during the 18th and 19th Centuries, these iconic structures have weathered a storm of changes ever since, ranging from harsh winters to the churches’ abandonment during the years of Soviet Communism. Many of the structures today remain in a state of tragic disrepair, damaged by vandals, neglect and the constant barrage of the weather.

Davies’ photo collection perfectly captures the beauty and neglect of these amazing structures. The barren Russian landscapes, the sense of decay and the intricate architecture will make viewers feel like they’ve stumbled upon the remains of a fantasy civilization. It’s a great way to raise awareness for preserving these amazing landmarks before they crumble to dust.


[Via MetaFilter]