Share your travel tips with Gadling and get published, paid

Have you ever looked at a travel blog and thought to yourself, “Boy, I could do that!”? Well, now’s your chance to “do that”!

Introducing Gadling’s brand new, 100% reader-generated feature, “100 words or less.” In “100 words or less,” YOU — the expert traveler — get to share your expert travel tips with Gadling and all our readers. Know a sure-fire way to score a cheap hotel room? Confident you know a trick to get an airline upgrade? Share it with us!

To submit your own tips, sign up for a free account at Seed, filter the assignment list by the category “travel” and look for assignment requests with the words “100 words or less.” (And yes: if your tip is published, you will be paid!)

Anticipating questions, here’s a quick FAQs:Q1. What kinds of tips are you looking for?

A1. Right now, we’re looking for tips covering the broad topics of Hotels, Road Trips, Cruises, Dining Out While Traveling, Souvenirs, Airplanes/Airlines, Traveling With Kids, Packing, and International Travel. We may launch more tips soon, but for now, this is the extent of our tips offering. HINT: Use your imagination (and your brains) and leave some good tips. We don’t really need any more “leave for the airport early” tips. No offense, but, um, we’re not gonna publish those. Have a look at our hub and see what kinds of tips we’ve published so far.

Q2. What if you don’t use my tip?

A2. If we don’t use your tip, don’t feel bad. We may have rejected it because someone else already submitted a similar tip. (After all, we can’t keep publishing the same tips.) Alternatively, perhaps the tip wasn’t the right fit for Gadling. Don’t be distraught. Submit another tip!

Q3. I have some great tips on my blog. Can I submit those?

A3. Sorry, but we’re only looking for tips that have not been published elsewhere. If you can come up with some tips for your blog, we bet you can come up with at least one more for Gadling.

Q4. What’s the pay like?

A4. For these tips — all of which are under 100 words in length — we’ll pay $10 per tip, paid via PayPal. You may submit as many as you like, and we’ll pay for all we publish.

Q5. I don’t have any travel tips, but I would like to contribute in other ways to Gadling. Is this possible?

A5. C’mon, everyone has travel tips! However, if you don’t feel inspired to submit some tips, there are other assignments in the queue relating to travel. (In fact, there are lots of different assignments in the Seed queue for all kinds of topics!) Sign up for an account, and we bet you find something to which you can contribute. In fact, we just added some more assignments to the queue, so go wild!

Q6. I don’t live in the US, but I have some great tips. Can I still participate?

A6. At this time, the Seed platform is US-only (but that’s changing soon). So, for now, we can only accept tips from US-based writers. We’ll update you when we know more.

Got more questions? Leave them in the comments, and we’ll answer them there. Good luck!