Ten travel friendly accessories for your Apple iPad

I’m excited! Are you excited? Surely you did pre-order your iPad? (Hint: I didn’t, I want to see one in a store first). Still, if you’ve been sitting at home watching the days count down till April 3rd, here are ten travel friendly iPad accessories you may want to order before your cherished pad arrives.

In this lineup, you’ll find ways to power and protect your iPad. With cases starting at under $20, you don’t have any excuses not to keep your newest investment looking shiny as long as you can.
Colcasac iPad sleeve

ColcaSac sleeves are all made by hand, from environmentally friendly materials. The iPad sleeve is available in five different colors, and costs $30.

Product site: ColcaSac

Scottevest travel garments

Scottevest was really quick to mention that many of his garments are already iPad friendly – in fact, the Scottevest products are the only travel garments that will comfortably hold your iPod, along with almost anything else you want to carry. The iPad friendly lineup includes a vest, various jackets and even a packable windbreaker. Prices start at just $75.

Product site: Scottevest

Kensington PowerBolt Micro car charger

Your existing iPod/iPhone chargers won’t be able to power the appetite of the iPad, so to add some juice on the road, you are going to need something like the new Kensington PowerBolt Micro car charger. This tiny charger delivers a whopping 2.1 amps of power, perfect for a speedy charge of your iPad. Priced at just $24.99, it comes with the charger itself and a USB cord.

Product page: Kensington PowerBolt

Red Oxx Chica

The $70 Red Oxx Chica is a cool looking shoulder bag with space for your iPad (or Kindle/Netbook). The bag features two interior pockets with a padded panel. Best of all, the bag has enough space for any other small items you’d like to carry with you.

Product page: Red Oxx Chica

Tom Bihn Ristretto and Cache

Tom Bihn managed to introduce two iPad products less than two hours after the Apple keynote speech – making them the first on the market to actually have iPad accessories.

Their lineup consists of two bags – the Ristretto and the Cache. The Ristretto ($120) is a vertical messenger bag with plenty of space for the iPad (or a Macbook), along with other small items. The Cache ($30) is a sleek and simple sleeve designed with 1/4″ foam to protect your iPad.

Product page: Ristretto and Cache

Kensington Sling bag for iPad

At just $19.99, the Kensington Sling Bag for iPad is one of the cheapest carrying solutions out there – the stylish sling has room for your iPad along with some other essentials.

Product page: Kensington Sling Bag for iPad

BeyzaCases Thinvelope sleeve

If you need something really nice – that won’t be out of place at the next shareholders meeting, then check out the BeyzaCases Thinvelope. Available in 7 different colors, this $129 good looking “envelope” protects your iPad in style.

Product page: BeyzaCases Thinvelope (15% discount at the moment)

WaterField Designs Ultimate Smart Case, Slip Case
, SleeveCase and Suede Jacket

WaterField designs has not one, but four iPad products in their lineup. Their assortment starts at just $19 for the Suede Jacket Sleeve. Their stylish Slip Case is $29, followed by the $55 Ultimate SleeveCase and the top of the line iPad Smart Case ($59). Best of all – all these cases fit perfectly in other larger bags from the WaterField Designs lineup.

Product page: WaterField Designs iPad cases

Original Apple iPad accessories

Apple went all-out when they designed accessories for their newest product. The lineup offers 11 cool accessories, including the (must have) dock/keyboard kit, a VGA dongle, camera connection kit, case, premium headphone kit, video cables and a USB power kit.

Accessories won’t all be available at launch, but at the very least, a traveler will really benefit from the lightweight dock and keyboard kit, which may even mean you can leave your laptop at home.

Product page: Apple iPad accessories