Buy a Canadian ski resort for $1 (Yes, there is a catch!)

Earlier this week Line Beauchamp, Quebec’s Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment, and Parks announced a plan to sell the Mount Orford ski and golf resort, including all buildings, chairlifts and operating equipment, for just $1. But of course, like all deals that seem too good to be true, prospective buyers need to read the fine print before writing their checks.

The resort has been managed and operated by the Quebec Government for some time, and has continually run in the red. In fact, the resort has averaged a loss of $2 million a year, in part because the government was unable to use taxpayer money to promote Mount Orford. As a result, the bare minimum of funds were pumped into the operations, just to keep it up and running.

So what’s the catch on this $1 deal of the century? Who ever ends up buying the resort has to agree to keep it running for at least five years, and lay down a $4 million deposit to cover that claim. Bids are being taken through May 28th, at which time if there are no buyers, the resort will be shut down and all on-site facilities will be dismantled.

Anyone want to pool our cash together to purchase the resort? I can cover that first dollar!