Pregnant woman to climb Everest, fetus to be youngest ever on the summit

Pregnant mountaineer Kate Suleman is preparing to climb Mt. Everest, which at 29,035 feet in height, is the tallest mountain on the planet. If she is successful, her unborn fetus will set a new record for the youngest person to ever reach the summit of the mountain.

The adventurous mom-to-be has just completed her first trimester and is already en route to base camp on the South Side of the mountain, which sits along the border of Nepal and Tibet. Once there, she’ll begin the 2+ month long process that is required to make the climb, which includes establishing various camps up the face, while acclimatizing to the dizzying altitude.

If everything goes according to plan, a summit bid will be made sometime in late May. Kate will still be in her second trimester at that point, roughly five months along, and if she reaches the top of Everest, she’ll have helped establish the new record for the youngest summitteer in history. Kate says that she’ll be aided in her efforts by her indispensable Sherpa guides, but also views herself as the Sherpa for her unborn child, helping him or her establish a new world record before they are even born.

While one would think that this would set a nearly unbreakable record for the youngest climber on Everest, plans are already afoot to break the record. Nadya Gosselin, a former climbing partner turned rival of Kate, says that she intends to actually get pregnant in base camp, and then summit the mountain, there by reducing the “youngest ever” age even further.

Stay tuned folks. As the race to be the youngest on Everest continues, it is only a matter of time before someone actually gets pregnant while on the summit.