Beijing tackles trash stench with 100 deodorant guns

Fed up with the smell from their largest trash dump, municipal authorities in Beijing are installing 100 deodorant guns aimed to reduce the stench.

The guns can spray about ten gallons of deodorizing liquid up to 175 feet away, but there is no information on what scents will be used. The Beijing landfills are overflowing beyond capacity due to public opposition of 6 incinerator facilities that had been scheduled to open as early as 2007.

Recycling programs are still very rare in the city, and even projects that do sort their trash end up combining the sorted sources once they reach the dumps.

Part of the growing trash problem is being blamed on the “Western lifestyle” adopted by many Chinese, and the move to a more “throwaway culture”.

Now, can someone please develop a deodorizing gun that I can use when I’m sitting next to someone on an airplane who has no sense of smell (or hygiene)?