Ryanair paid bathrooms are really going to happen – perhaps

The story behind the Ryanair paid bathroom concept is a really weird one. The idea was first mentioned by their slightly insane CEO, Michael O’Leary. Then the story was debunked by their own spokesperson.

And now, in a not so surprising twist, the airline has confirmed that paid bathrooms will indeed be coming to their planes -albeit in a phased introduction.

The “pay to pee” facilities will cost one pound or one euro – so international passengers on Ryanair better make sure they carry correct change.

According to Ryanair, they are working with Boeing to redesign the cabin, and develop the coin operated doors. The whole idea behind paid bathrooms is designed to force passengers to use the bathroom before or after the flight – and the final objective is to remove one or two bathrooms from all Ryanair planes, creating more space for seats. And more seats means (even) lower prices. You can’t really argue with their logic.

There is a spot of good news though – the paid bathrooms won’t be introduced until after the busy summer season.