Iberostar Hotels taps Antonio Banderas as new spokesperson for brand

The scene: Two women lying on a perfectly combed white-sand beach, waves crashing in the background and sun shining directly on them. The mood: seductive. The setting: luxurious. Remarking that things couldn’t possibly get any better, one woman turns to the other and says, “All I need now is Antonio Banderas to show up on a shiny black stallion.”

Enter: Antonio Banderas on a shiny black stallion.

The “On Vacation Everyone is a Star” marketing campaign from Iberostar Hotels & Resorts was launched during an international press conference at the brand’s Grand Hotel Paraíso in Riviera Maya, Mexico. According to the agreement, all print and broadcast advertising will feature Banderas (and his shiny black stallion) and to add a little more sexy to the game, guests will hear Banderas’ voice when they access the hotel’s site online and take a virtual tour of one of Iberostar’s properties.

Banderas said at the press conference: “This partnership has developed in a very natural way: Iberostar is a brand with a large international presence and corresponding prestige. I share their values, their philosophy, and, of course, their understanding of vacations, which at the end of the day is most important.”

Iberostar has resort properties on some of the most remote beaches including those in Mexico, Jamaica, South America, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

[via Hotels Magazine]