A look inside of Shanghai’s World Expo 2010

2010’s world expo is in Shanghai this year, and as the opening day of May 1st draws near, countries are racing against one another to build the most exotic, crowd-pleasing pavilions.

Boston.com’s Big Picture Blog hosts a comprehensive review of the current pavilions in progress, but for the most recent update, check out Shanghaist’s tour. Some of the designs in the works are stunning, from the UK’s Seed Cathedral to Romania’s Greenopolis.

Running through the end of October, the expo promises to be an event of epic proportions, with nations showing off their architectural, design and sustainability prowess. We’re supremely jealous of anyone who makes the trip.

If the above pictures have tickled your fancy, it’s best to start planning your trip to China now — in addition to expensive hotels and flights that will surely prevail in Shanghai this summer, the visa application process can be time consuming and costly. For a show of this proportion, however, the cost is surely worth it.