90% of UK travelers “happy” to use airport full body scanners

Global IT firm Unisys surveyed 10,000 people about their thoughts on the full body scanners being introduced at airports around the world.

Of the countries involved in the survey, the British had the least objections – with 9 out 10 respondents claiming they were actually happy to see the machines put in place. At the bottom of the list were Mexicans with just 24% of respondents having a positive opinion.

In the US, only 67% of passengers are willing to subject themselves to the full body scanner, and only 57% said they would trust airport security officers to perform checks using biometric information, compared to 91% of British travelers.

I’m not entirely sure where there are such large differences in opinions. One possible factor could be that the UK (and other European countries) have been involved in airport terror events in recent years and that their governments have done a good job at convincing people that the scanners are the only way to stay safe.

The entire survey can be found here.

(Photo from Getty Images)