Earn double miles on US Airways this spring!

US Airways just launched a promotion last night awarding double elite and earned miles to all registered travelers between now and June 15.

Elite miles, of course, are the special non-redeemable miles that count towards elite status, awarding passengers special perks like no baggage fees and better seat selection. Earned miles, on the other hand, are miles that can be cashed in for free flights and other goodies.

This means that with this promotion, one would only need to fly 12.5k miles to reach the lowest tier of elite status, silver preferred.

This is a fairly generous offer from US Airways considering that they ran a similar promotion last year. Our hope is that the trend catches on with other airlines and that just like last year, most of the legacy carriers offer double miles at some point.

Passengers need to be registered for the promotion and to book after registration, so scamper on over to US Airways’ promotion site right now and sign up.