Photo of the Day (4.15.10)

Leave it to Max Waugh, a.k.a. fiznatty on Flickr to capture a shot of an animal I’ve never come across. It’s a tamandua, a species of ant eater native to Costa Rica.

Max describes the encounter:

I was very excited to have an opportunity to photograph a tamandua again. It’s one of the first animals I saw back in 2005 and that encounter was very brief. This lovely girl stayed up in the trees, but out in the open, for quite a while (long enough to even get some video). The tamandua is one of Costa Rica’s three anteater species… I’ll let you guess what the giant claw and big snout are for.

It’s worth taking a look at some of the amazing shots Max has collected over the years. He’s one of our most popular contributors to the Photo of the Day at Gadling.

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