Amsterdam Airport makes being stranded a little less horrible

Because of the Icelandic volcanic ash, pretty much every airport in Europe has been shut down. Some passengers at Schiphol have been stranded at the airport for two days, and since the volcanic eruption can’t be blamed on the airlines, nobody is getting any free hotel rooms.

So – the terminals have been transformed into one massive bedroom. Thankfully, Schiphol has put a lot of effort into trying to provide a little comfort for their temporary guests – free food and drinks and free beds with a sleep kit. Parts of the terminal even have free live music, massage therapy and Internet terminals.

The airport has even lifted its ban on public consumption of alcohol, allowing the duty free stores to sell alcohol till 9:30pm. With over 100 shops and a casino, there are worst places to be stranded. So, if you are stranded abroad because of the volcano, best of luck – try and make the best of it, and fingers crossed that the skies clear up tomorrow.

(Apologies for the Dutch spoken video clip – but the images give a decent idea of the situation)